Extra Information
ℹ Info
Apartments are located at Moscow, Groholskii per., 32, building 2.
The entrance to the building is from Groholskii pereulok through the main door.
Our room and studios are situated on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors.

🅿 Car parking
It is allowed to park in the yard. The price of the service is 500 rubles a day. You have to discuss some details and a place of parking in advance with administration.

🐶 Pets
Мы принимаем гостей с животными. It is allowed to live with pets.

🚭 Smoking
Smoking, including electronic devices, iqos and others, is proscribed over the whole territory of the building, terrace, and also over the adjacent territory up to 5 meters from the building.

🙋 Staff work schedule
We work 24 hours a day.
🔑 Check-in and check-out
We organize the most autonomous accommodation with online check-in and check-out.

➡ Check-in
Check-in is from 3 pm.
If arrived in the evening or at night, please, check whether you have an instruction for an autonomous check-in and you understand it.

⬅ Check-out
You can leave at any time until 11 am.
Please, leave a key in a door inside the apartments. Close the door. No need to leave it on the 1st floor.
🏨 Services
📶 Internet
Free high-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

🧹 Cleaning
Full cleaning is implemented 1 time per 5 days.
More frequent cleaning and replacement of towels is possible for extra payment:
— one-time cleaning with replacement of bed linen – 500 rubles;
— replacement of towels - 300 rubles.

🍲 Kitchen
There is a shared kitchen zone on the 4th floor where you can communicate, make a cup of tea or coffee. Also, when it is warm outside you are allowed to use a terrace. Please, follow the rules.

🧺 Washing and drying machines
Washing and drying machines (2 in 1) are located on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. You should turn to the left from the central staircase. Free of charge.

🚮 Rubbish
You can throw out the rubbish yourself nearby.
❓ Any questions?
If had no answer to your question, please, contact: 8 (968) 593-30-72. You will find out more about cleaning service, luggage storage, guest registration, reservations, prices and payment.
+7 (968) 593-30-72 (WhatsApp)
Reservation service keeps in touch 24/7
E-mail: reservations@jackpothotel.ru